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Want Cheap Motoring, Follow These Tips

For the last 10 years we have seen al rise in petrol and diesel prices well above the rate of inflation, and now that diesel is being viewed by the government as a dirty fuel the chances are that the Chancellor will tax diesel vehicles more heavily than ever before. Here are a few ways in which you can save money on your vehicle fleet costs for the year ahead. Even if you implement a couple of changes it can make a big difference to your vehicle expenses over the period of full-year.

To start with the first thing that you must consider the actual vehicles that youre going to purchase for your fleet. As a business it is important that you get the best value for money that you can and buying the right vehicles for the job in hand is imperative. What may appear to be a good deal on the forecourt but not necessarily make for a good deal over time this is where you first have to consider your purchases very carefully. Being able to get cheap fleet insurance for your fleet will make a big difference on your annual outgoings of the vehicle fleet.

Every vehicle in its class will have major competitors from all the major brands of vehicle manufacturer, so take time to read reviews, both professional and customer reviews for the vehicles that youre interested in. This should give you an honest appraisal of the long-term appeal of the vehicle or vehicles that youre interested in buying. Look at things like running costs maintenance costs and reliability of the vehicles. Sometimes it is not simply enough to look at the manufacturers specs but one has to dig deeper into finding out what the actual true costs are of running a vehicle. Also consider how you are going to purchase the vehicles, whether you are looking to purchase them outright, by the vehicles on HP or lease the vehicles to the business-each has his own merits, and you need to consider what is right for your business and your circumstances.

Once youve purchased your fleet of vehicles there are a number of things you can do to cut down the costs on the day-to-day running of the fleet. Obviously fuel costs will probably be the highest costs that you incur in the running of the vehicles and so it seems sensible to make sure that you are purchasing your fuel at the very best price available in your area. There are a number of websites now compare petrol and diesel prices all over the country and so its simple to literally go online and find out the cheapest place in your area to buy your fuel. By doing this you can save as much as 20p per litre and this can have a massive effect on the fuel costs over a year, and for a fleet of vehicles it makes an even bigger difference.

It makes sense not to keep things in the vehicle that are not needed. By lightening the load of the vehicle, this will improve fuel economy, so for example if you do not need a van load of tools all the time, then only put what you need in the vehicle and unload the vehicle when any jobs are finished.

The way a vehicle is driven will also have an effect on its fuel consumption, driving more smoothly and accelerating generally, avoiding unnecessary braking will help with the economy of the vehicle. Driving at 60 miles an hour instead of 70 miles an hour can save as much as 9% on your fuel costs and if youre likely to be stuck in traffic for more than three minutes it makes sense to turn your engine off, and switch it back on when the traffic moves.

But following some of the simple tips you can save an enormous amount of money when running a fleet of vehicles, it may seem like common sense but when a conscious effort is made to follow some of these steps, that is when savings are made.

Car Mechanics - Why Do You Need To Get Insured?

You probably are asking yourself why motor traders need mechanics insurance besides the reasons that you already know. As one engaged in this type of business, you have a responsibility to care for your business, your customers, your employers, and above all, YOU. Here are more reasons for the need to get motor insurance. Customers Ask For It

Hopefully, someone has already asked you if you have a policy. Customers know that it is an integral part of the business and if you dont have motor traders insurance, no one will take part in your business.

People even ask what type of insurance you carry. If you only have the minimum insurance coverage required by law, it doesnt create a good impression on you. A wider insurance coverage is something you can boast of in your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Financial Protection

If theres something you should partner with to protect your finances, its an insurance policy. All stipulations in an insurance contract are somehow or fully related to money matters. If your customer has been injured while driving one of your vehicles, he will find a reason to file a case and get monetary compensation. If you dont have insurance to cover the injury, you will have to make an out-of-pocket expense. In addition, the law will penalize you for not having insurance. The penalty can be a short jail term or a fine that can significantly turn the tables for your business. Accidents Do Happen

This is something nobody can deny. Here are the statistics from the UK government: 144,891 road traffic accidents were reported in 2009, and there were 1,478 cases of injury involving employees working on vehicle maintenance and repair. So, expect bad things to happen, and when they do happen, make sure you have a policy to save your day. Having even just the minimum third party motor trade insurance can significantly reduce expenses associated with accidents, loss, and injury on your customers. Maintain good relationships and dealings with your customers, because if they like the way you do business with them, they might spare you from making payments for things not covered by your policy. Cars, Life, and Property Are Really Important

Not all customers are merciful, forgiving, and understanding, especially when they place such high importance on their valuables not to mention the lives of their family. It is easier to understand if it is just a refrigerator or a toaster that is involved. Therefore, expect to deal with a lot of lawsuits if your employees or you yourself are not careful with your customers. In terms of liability, it is possible that you can kill a customer within your premises or while using a vehicle that you have repaired. Furthermore, you are responsible for protecting the lives of the people employed in your business. The employers liability coverage is your best protection if one of them died because of your negligence. Just think about this: Always put yourself in the shoes of your customers and the people under your care. Whats important to you is also important to them.